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Our Mission and about us...

We're a non-profit wrestling group focused right here in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area. Our goals are simple, put on family-friendly wrestling events to raise money for Children's Hospital at Erlanger. We love our communities and wrestling. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Be sure you visit our social media outlets.

Sir William.jpg

(Sir)William Venable

Founder and CEO

A manager and community partner for 20 years. A life long wrestling fan and amateur wrestler himself. Founded W.4.A.C.C. to help Erlanger's Children's hospital and American cancer society. Two charities that have personal significance to him. 


Allan Rittenhouse

(The Professor)

Co-Founder and Vice President

A native resident of Dalton, Ga. He has worked within the community and part of the area for most of his life. He is deeply connected to the organizations as they have directly impacted his family or close friends. What a great way to combine an awesome sport and a wonderful cause! 


Tristan Fain


Board Member and Talent Relations

A community partner and part time board member. Tristan helps organize events and works with local talent to participate in our shows. He works on commentary with the Professor under the name B.S.P.

Jordan Mcclure

( Hardcore)

Board Member and Talent Relations

A manager and community partner for multiple years. Jordan has been involved with Children's miracle network and works to partner with local wrestling organizations to help bring great events together.

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